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Thermoplastic list perforated, 600х500х3 mm

Low-temperature thermoplastics – approved solution to use by forward-looking practitioners for external immobilization after bone fractures. Until recently plastic- or polymer-based casts were considered affordable only for patients ready to pay extra for comfortable rehabilitation. Our company Innovative Medical Tools responded to consumer expectations by developing ORDEKT.

ORDEKT — low-temperature melting plastic with foam two-sided polyurethane covering. Under heating the material becomes soft and suitable for molding. During the modeling process the plastic’s temperature remains comfortable for a patient. Within a few minutes ORDEKT finally cools down and forms lightweight but rigid and tight-fitting structure for immobilization. Material plastic memory allows the medical practitioners at any time to adjust the shape of orthosis considering the dynamics of recovery.

ORDEKT is efficient and convenient to use for medical practitioners and it is extremely comfortable for the patients. Another significant advantage is its reasonable price. During recent survey conducted in Innovative Medical Tools we have interviewed more than 600 respondents who had to deal with immobilization after bone fractures. The results showed that the cost of IMT orthoses is close to the expectations of most patients. According to respondents ORDEKT is an ideal material to meet the needs for contemporary medical treatment for reasonable price.

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