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Low-temperature thermoplastics – approved solution to use by forward-looking practitioners for external immobilization after bone fractures. Until recently plastic- or polymer-based casts were considered affordable only for patients ready to pay extra for comfortable rehabilitation. Our company Innovative Medical Tools responded to consumer expectations by developing ORDEKT.
ORDEKT — low-temperature melting plastic with foam two-sided polyurethane covering. Under heating the material becomes soft and suitable for molding. During the modeling process the plastic’s temperature remains comfortable for a patient. Within a few minutes ORDEKT finally cools down and forms lightweight but rigid and tight-fitting structure for immobilization. Material plastic memory allows the medical practitioners at any time to adjust the shape of orthosis considering the dynamics of recovery.
ORDEKT is efficient and convenient to use for medical practitioners and it is extremely comfortable for the patients. Another significant advantage is its reasonable price. During recent survey conducted in Innovative Medical Tools we have interviewed more than 600 respondents who had to deal with immobilization after bone fractures. The results showed that the cost of IMT orthoses is close to the expectations of most patients. According to respondents ORDEKT is an ideal material to meet the needs for contemporary medical treatment for reasonable price.
Light weight
Water resistance
Approved for use in pediatrics
Reasonable price
For patient
  • Product light weight
  • Allow to perform water procedures
  • Preserve hair cover under orthosis
  • Easy to clean and maintain the orthosis
  • Moderate dimensions
  • Neat appearance
  • Allow skin to breathe
  • Prevent bedsores and scuffs
  • Reasonable price
  • Hypoallergic
  • Suitable for children
For medical practitioners
  • Easy modeling
  • Provide tight fitting without additional lining
  • Robust design retains shape for a long time
  • Orthosis fixation time – less than 10 minutes
  • Allow for remodeling in case of unstable bone fractures
  • Allow to apply orthosis by fragments with local heating of the material
  • Does not interfere with X-ray research
  • Can be modified with clips and decorate tape
  • Simple storage conditions, long shell life
  • Allow for fast and convenient removal
  • Does not require special disposal
Anna, 57 years old
In winter I got a supracondylar fracture. At first, I was put on a common cast. But the son who is skiing insisted on replacing it for ORDEKT. I have never broken anything to myself so I can’t compare. But, of course, regular cast I had at first was heavy and uncomfortable. The hand under it was itchy and to cover it with polyethylene before water procedures was troublesome. After that I got used to plastic cast very quickly, sometimes even began to forget that it was on. When ORDEKT was put on and removed everything seemed to be done elementary. The rehabilitation was considerably easier than I expected with regular cast. Thanks to ORDEKT!
Viktor, 43 years old
I have broken my leg for the May holidays - decided to participate in the construction of summer house and regretted. The cast offered by Obligatory medical insurance policy is not an option. I have many business meetings where I need to look decent. So, I got ready to pay a round sum of money for the plastic in a familiar private clinic. I was told that I could wait for imported orthosis for more than a month and I agreed to try ORDEKT. Besides it was inexpensive. It took just a few minutes to put ORDEKT on the leg. As I was promised the skin under ORDEKT was not itchy and the material hold the leg - as I felt - very tight. And what is important the leg fitted well enough in most of the pants. So, I went through the period of rehabilitation with little loss of nerves and money retaining a presentable appearance and in key moments – working capability. That would be difficult without ORDEKT.
A.N., orthopedic traumatologist
I was lucky to try ORDEKT among the first orthopedists. I have easily agreed for the experiment because foreign thermoplastic orthoses are almost unaffordable in our country but there are no fundamental differences in features between them and ORDEKT orthosis. During a month we have offered ORDEKT to patients of (private) clinic on favorable conditions.
As a doctor first of all I have to say I feel comfortable to work with orthoses. Immobilizations took up to 8 minutes causing minimum inconvenience to patients. In three cases the conventional cast was successfully replaced with ORDEKT. Also, it is possible to perform hygienic procedures, easy wearing, pleasant appearance… During long time orthoses keep steady form, perfectly perform their function.
I hope ORDEKT will be widely disseminated in orthopedic practice.
Why is ORDEKT better than foreign substitutes?
We always guarantee its prompt delivery which does not depend on international situation.
Is it possible to replace cast with more comfortable ORDEKT orthosis?
Yes, almost at any moment. Therefore, common cast can be placed while delivery of ORDEKT is in the process.
Who can work with ORDEKT?
The patient is not able to put thermoplastic orthosis on his own. However most medical staff in modern orthopedics have enough qualification and tools to work with such orthoses.
Are there any precautions?
As a hypoallergic material ORDEKT does not have any precautions per se. But there are a number of exceptional medical situations where it can be irrational to use ORDEKT.
Where can I see the recommendations of the doctors who used ORDEKT?
We collect feedback from medical personnel in the relevant section on the website.
Does ORDEKT make my rehabilitation faster?
No, but it will make it much more comfortable.
ORDEKT is close to consumer expectations in highest possible way and it can become an alternative for “free” immobilization. However, we recommend patients to take initiative. The doctors do not always offer an alternative solution to cast but it does not mean that people with bone fractures should suffer from all problems related to outdated technology. Order ORDEKT and make your rehabilitation comfortable!


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